The information exchange in the order process across your companies is fully automated, both for customer and inventory orders. If any order details change, such as the selling company, order quantity or price, Jeeves ICT will instantly update the order detail for the supplying company. It is also possible for the supplying company to make changes that will affect the selling company. Jeeves ICT provides a completely transparent view across all of your companies, allowing users to see item balance information at all supplying sites, as well as the demands placed upon them by selling sites.

Jeeves ICT is designed to serve the needs of companies with geographically dispersed sites or complex organizational structures. The tool is well suited for companies with one or more distribution centers, manufacturing units, or even remote sales offices.

Because Jeeves ICT coordinates the logistical operations across many organizations, including order details, financial transactions, and general inventory flow, the application delivers a significant return on investment, including reduced inventory costs, dramatically shortened lead times, and improved customer service. Jeeves ICT also delivers savings by reducing the administrative workload associated with selling across multiple channels.


  • Reduce inventory costs.
  • Shorten lead times.
  • Improve customer service and provide more accurate delivery dates.
  • Maintain data integrity across multiple selling and supplying companies.
  • Track and measure the financial impact of supply and demand across business units.
  • Get an accurate view of the inventory balance from any location.
  • Significantly reduce the administrative workload required to sell across multiple channels.



Jeeves ICT enables complex company networks to function as a single provider to customers. There is no limit on the number of selling and supplying companies. The system even enables companies to function as both selling and supplying units simultaneously. It also allows selling companies to source items from multiple supplying companies (i.e., multi-leg intercompany transfers).


The selling company can view the inventory balances at all supplying companies, gaining the ability to promise far more accurate delivery dates.


Jeeves ICT gives your employees and your customers real-time visibility into the status of their orders throughout the value chain, including price, quantity, and delivery date.


When a customer order is entered at the selling company, a purchase or manufacturing order can automatically be created. A corresponding customer order is then created at the supplying company. The order is entered once, in just one place, and eliminates the risk for error.


Lead times are shortened dramatically because deliveries are received at the selling company in connection with the picking or release of the customer order at the supplying company.


The system automatically generates supplier invoices in the selling company, further reducing the administrative workload.


Item, supplier and customer data can be maintained centrally and easily copied over to all companies. Jeeves ICT can also be configured with rules that will only allow changes to orders in a certain status or by certain users. As a result, you will safeguard your data quality and reduce the data management effort.


Out of the box, Jeeves ICT calculates order prices based on the price list in the delivering business unit. Jeeves ICT also provides flexible mapping tools that help companies better control their margins. Prices can be calculated by specifying a percentage increase from the sales price, net price, a delivering sales order price, or even actual costs.


Jeeves ERP can help businesses manage multiple currencies and exchange rates. In ICT, you can maintain and manage fixed, agreed upon exchange rates per currency when trading between different business units.


Jeeves ICT can be set up for several companies in the same database, several companies in different databases, or even integrated with a different ERP system. Jeeves ICT’s flexible setup capabilities gives you a great deal of flexibility for how you decide to implement it within your business.


Jeeves ICT automatically logs changes to orders, whether it’s price, delivery date, quantity, or order status. The log of changes helps your customer service reps better deal with customer questions regarding the status of their order, and more quickly address to order change requests.

Increase the visibility of orders and inventory positions across your supply chain

With the ability to support multiple warehouses, multiple currencies, multiple languages, and even multi-site customers and suppliers, Jeeves is optimized to support manufacturers and distributors of every configuration. The supply chain management module is designed to give you complete visibility of (and seamless collaboration with) your supply chain. You can extend the toolset with the warehouse management, transportation management, and EDI functionality of our technology partners.  
ERP Sales and Customer Service
Whether your goals are to find new clients, or service your existing customers, Jeeves ERP includes fully integrated CRM functionality, plus a range of order fulfillment tools that will give your customer service reps the data they need to set realistic expectations around pricing, lead times, and deliveries. You can extend this module with the product configurator in order to assist customers with configuring order-unique products. With a 360-degree view of the business, your customer-facing team will be able to keep customers happy and provide more accurate revenue forecasts.