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Jeeves ERP is a next-generation cloud ERP software solution for small and midmarket businesses who want an ERP system that is as unique as they are.
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Different ERP Software

All businesses start out as originals

You started your company with a vision, a vision that was pure in it's intent to serve market better than anyone else. And you grew, because your customers bought into the distinctive value of your products and services. You grew ... to the point that you made the inevitable decision to purchase an ERP system.

But most die copies

You thought an ERP software system would make you faster, leaner, even wiser. May be you are a bit faster and wiser, but no more than any of your competitors. Here you are, running your business the way your software works - and not the other way around. Selling, manufacturing, distributing, and servicing your products using the same, hard-coded, "best practice" workflows that anyone else uses. Getting further and further from the vision you started with - not to mention your vision for the future. 

The power to be different

The good news is: not all ERP software breeds mediocrity, and you can take your business back. Welcome to Jeeves, a company whose people, processes and technology are focused on one thing: and that's helping you celebrate (and automate) what makes you different.

Jeeves ERP Software in the Cloud

Jeeves ERP is a cloud-based ERP (enterprise resource planning) software solution for small and midsize businesses. As a system of record, ERP software provides a comprehensive, real-time view of core business processes, from product and material requirements planning, through production and distribution, to sales, customer service, and accounting. Consumed as a service through a virtual private cloud, Jeeves ERP is fully maintained and supported. Unlike other cloud and SaaS ERP systems, Jeeves ERP delivers a powerful platform service built on a genius architecture that allows you to easily and cost-effectively implement and upgrade a highly custom system on top of a rich standard feature set. These customizations can be done in house, or by Jeeves’ professional ERP services team.