Why Jeeves Is A Cloud Leader

Jeeves ERP is a fully maintained and fully supported cloud solution, spanning software, platform and infrastructure services. It is designed to give you peace of mind that your entire Jeeves ERP IT environment, from hardware to software and everything in between, is guaranteed to run optimally and smoothly 24-7.

Cloud computing technology is here to stay. Research shows that more than two-thirds of small and medium sized business have plans to, or have already moved their enterprise application stack to the cloud. And, you’ll be hard-pressed to find any viable software vendor, ERP software included, that doesn’t offer a cloud-based solution.

Cloud technology continues to gain the most traction at the infrastructure level. IT infrastructure is now a commodity and should be treated as such. Like any hosting partner, Jeeves ERP Cloud delivers a resilient, secure, available, and elastic infrastructure at a significantly lower cost and risk to your business. You get best in class security, backup and disaster recovery, and guaranteed system uptime and availability.

But Jeeves ERP Cloud is much more than hosting. It is a turnkey, end-to-end solution that is optimized for running the Jeeves ERP application and fully maintained and supported by Jeeves. For a single monthly fee that includes provisioning, administration, monitoring, maintenance, and support services, you have peace of mind that your implementation will be performant and up to date and that all issues can be diagnosed and resolved quickly by a dedicated team of experts operating under guaranteed SLAs.

With all of these tasks out of the way, you can focus on what’s most important: running your business.

Now that’s your ERP, your way … in the cloud.