About Jeeves

Jeeves Information Systems AB (Jeeves) is a growing provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solutions for small to midmarket manufacturing, distribution, wholesale, and services companies worldwide. From its headquarters in Stockholm and regional office locations, as well as through a vast network of partners, Jeeves serves more than 2,000 customers in 40 countries throughout Europe, North America and Asia. Jeeves is owned by Battery Ventures, and locally run by a Swedish management team under the leadership of General Manager Daniel Göhlin.

Helping Customers 'Be Different' While Staying Current

Since its inception in 1992, Jeeves has focused its people, processes and technology on helping its customers celebrate (and automate) what makes them different. Our quest to help customers "be different" stems from the undeniable value proposition of the Jeeves ERP product. Unlike other ERP software systems, Jeeves ERP is built on a genius architecture that allows you to easily and cost-effectively implement and upgrade a highly custom system on top of a rich standard feature set. With Jeeves, you can truly have your ERP, your way, protecting the processes that distinguish you from the competition.

The Jeeves ERP system architecture is model-based. The idea is simple: describe the desired system, rather than hard-code it, and keep this description separate from the core system. The architecture also leverages a site repository, where all of the customer-specific implementation details are stored. When the core application is upgraded, and the product continues to operate as specified in the site repository.

When it's time to upgrade, you can do it on your own terms, at your own pace, and with very little effort. We don’t force our customers to upgrade, but more than 80 percent of them upgrade to the newest version within two years of its release. What's more, more than 80 percent of our customer base is on the most current version, with another 10 percent on the version before that. We stand by these unbeatable statistics in the ERP industry.

Our Beliefs

At Jeeves, we believe that most of the ERP solutions available have a one-size-fits-all mentality. To keep their operational costs down across development, services and support, they force conformity on their customers—often labeled by the vendor’s marketing team as “built-in best practices.” As a result, companies spend uncounted hours working around what is ultimately a workflow mismatch. And companies that refuse to align with the software? They are rewarded with a costly services engagement that often returns for every upgrade. While easy and fast to upgrade, SaaS solutions are no different, with only basic configurability.

The way of the ERP industry is that ERP software applications do not—and have never—belonged to their customers. Buyers have been forced to align with the processes encoded in their software and, as a result, become no different from their competitors. At Jeeves, we believe that the ERP market demonstrates diverse needs from diverse segments of customers practicing diverse business models. As a result, our primary strategy will be to celebrate this diversity.

Our Promises

Software That Fits You

At Jeeves, we think the strongest software solution is one that will preserve the unique business processes of its users—workflows that capture the core of a company’s competitive advantage. We will not force our customers to negotiate their doctrine to fit a generic process built into a software application. We also believe that sometimes, built-in, best-practice processes can be valuable—and ideal for the company seeking to build processes from scratch, or improve on poorly performing processes. That’s why we also offer templates that are tightly aligned with the core challenges of a given industry or niche market. In other words, we won’t sell customer order processes built for a services provider to a manufacturer. Software that fits—whether from the start or shortly-thereafter—remains our standard.

Software You Ask For … And Help Design

But fit isn’t enough. Because our solutions belong to our customers, we ensure that customer feedback is the primary input into our product management and development process. Who better to plan what features and apps are next available from Jeeves than the leading companies already using our solutions? At Jeeves, our job is to deliver the products and services our customers want and need. As a result, we ask our customers to provide input at every stage of the development process. While we might hear loud and clear your requirements at the beginning of a release, if you’re not helping us test those features in a beta environment, we haven’t met our quality standards … or yours.

Software You Evolve on Your Terms

While we’re certain that our customers derive the most value from fit—from high alignment between software and business processes—we are also certain that value is challenged when implementation and upgrades become too costly and disruptive to make that alignment sustainable. At Jeeves, we know that our ERP solutions can never truly belong to our customers unless we give our customers control over how they evolve their software over time. That’s why we are committed to developing technology, tools, processes and services that make upgrades fast and cost-effective. We also stand by a fundamental promise to never force a customer to upgrade, and to continue the maintenance and support of all products with active customer users.

Empowerment Through Support and Education

When your ERP solution truly belongs to you, you need to be empowered with system knowledge. At Jeeves, we believe that education is not only important for new users. It is integral to the full lifespan of your Jeeves implementation, helping to ease the burden of upgrades and continuing to develop and enable power users. That’s why we are committed to the continuous improvement of our support and education offerings, teaching your team how to derive more value from your software, and maintaining industry-standard SLAs for support, whereby you can count on Jeeves to help you resolve issues that may be hindering production and your own standards for customer satisfaction.

A Partner You Can Count On

We recognize that despite all the ways we work to ensure our solutions belong to our customers, you still have to rely on us as a business partner. That's why we work hard to achieve industry-leading financial performance and sustainability. What's more, our customer-centric business model requires that we proactively steward our partnership with our customers via our proven account management model. As part of this model, your account manager will be charged with deeply understanding your business, including your challenges and opportunities, and collaborating with you to understand how Jeeves can help. Your account manager is there to ensure custom, whole-solution delivery across software, services, and maintenance, with a vast network of resources at his or her disposal across our services, support and technical application consulting teams